Door to Door relocations

Door-to-door relocations

Taking care of your needs, on a global scale

As leaders in this field, we take pride in handling, moving and storing your items to the best of our ability. Our team of professionals are highly experienced, organized and committed to ensure the safety of your items.

Our state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with the latest equipment and technologies, are strategically located throughout the world, enabling us to consistently secure the handling and care of your items. We only utilize the best packing materials and methods.

Borderless service

With business operations in nearly 60 countries, and over 200 facilities, we are able to provide effective relocation services from china to most countries at cost-effective rates,  with better management quality.

We strive to ensure every service meets our clients’ needs and requirements, and work to their advantage.


Our detail-oriented inventories are based on calculated volumes and weights. As an added service, we determine items that require special care and ensure they are dealt with accordingly by our packing team.

Dedicated Move Managers

Our Move Managers are adept with the skills and expertise to make your moving experience a breeze. When you engage our services, we will assign a dedicated Move Manager to cater to your every needs, every step of the way.