Why should you purchase our comprehensive insurance plan?

Even after taking all the necessary precautions to ensure minimal chances of damaging your items, there will always be a risk when it comes to transporting items on moving vehicles. All the more when it involves international borders. Accidents can happen as a result of others or unforeseen circumstances.

More often than not, your personal insurance policies may not provide sufficient coverage for your items. Thus, it is important for you to ensure your items remain protected against possible risks at all times. Our recommendation to you is to spend a little more to protect your valuables than to risk losing or damaging it, and absorbing all the loses on your own. By purchasing our insurance coverage, at the very least, you can set your mind at ease, knowing that your items are well-insured.

What will our comprehensive insurance plan cover?

Our plan provides a door-to-door all risks coverage covering partial loss or damage to the shipment as a result of riots, breakage, war and terrorism, as well as when your items are placed in the storage area during transits.

Stored items will be covered for a maximum of 60 days at no additional cost. If you require your items to be stored above 60 days, we offer additional coverage at a nominal fee.

Additional protection can be provided for the following risks for a small premium.

Mold and/or Mildew

The change in weather conditions may occasionally lead to damages caused by mold and/or mildew. This added protection policy ensures your items are protected against it.

Available for items that are professionally packed, the reimbursement amount is 75% of the total insured value of the shipment.

Pairs and Sets Coverage

Some of your items may come in pairs or sets, and there is a possibility that only one of the item may get lost or damaged. Under this protection policy, it covers the replacement or repair of the lost or damaged item.

Example: One of the chairs in a six-piece dining set gets damaged or lost. Our policy covers the payment of the chair, and will not cover the depreciated value as a result of the damages or lost.

Due consideration will also be given for possible fair reductions as a result of the loss or damage.

Electronic or Mechanical Derangement

There are occasions when electronic or mechanical items become unusable after shipment. The damages that occur are often not seen on the exterior and is only noticeable when you are using the item.

As an added safety precaution, this particular policy covers electronic or mechanical items that are professionally packed and age less than six years old. The packing crew will ensure all electronic or mechanical item(s) are functioning at the time of packing.

How do I add-on any of these insurance policies?

Complete our Insurance Application Form and return it to our consultant at Sino Relocation before our team come over to pack your item(s).

How would I know the amount of coverage I will need?

One way is to compile a detailed inventory of all your items and value them at the amount it would cost you to replace them. Bear in mind that any item that is undeclared will not be covered by our policy. If you are unsure of the cost, our consultant will be there to assist you in determining the value of your shipment.

If detailing the cost of each item proves to be far too tedious, you may choose the option to declare a ballpark figure of your entire shipment. Should you need further assistance, our consultant will be there every step of the way to assist you in declaring a lump sum value.

What happens to my items that are stored in your storage facility?

Our policy includes a maximum of 60 days storage protection for items stored in storage facilities approved by Sino Relocation. For a longer storage duration, you may purchase an additional premium. Bear in mind that the coverage does not apply for items stored in other storage facilities, not approved by Sino Relocation

What are the steps for me to make my claims?

Notify your Moving Manager or consultant immediately and they will issue you a claims form and provide the steps to make your claims.

Safeguarding your items, every step of the way

Wherever you are, our comprehensive insurance plan has you and your belongings properly insured. Our insurance plan provides protection against loses related to tangible property as well as personal liability exposures. Our insurance plan even goes to the extent of protecting you and your family against political risks, especially in countries with political instabilities.

Upon arriving at your intended destination, our insurance plan will cease. However, the amount of care and professionalism we have towards you and your items do not end there. Our team of professionals will ensure efficient handling of your items and provide exceptional customer service until the very end.

Personal Property

  • At Sino Relocation, our worldwide coverage covers your home while you are on vacation or traveling for business.
  • Our coverage includes theft and disappearances, as well as antiques, fine arts and paintings.
  • All items are insured at full replacement cost, except for items that cannot be replaced.

Valuable Items

  • Valuable items, including fragile items, jewellery, cameras, silverware, furs and golf equipment are covered worldwide.
  • All items are insured based on the agreed value.

Political Risk

  • Your personal property and valuable items are insured against war, expropriation, sabotage, insurrection and/or terrorism.
  • With the turbulent political environment happening in certain countries around the world, we highly recommend our clients to have this coverage.

Personal Liability

  • This protects you and your family against law suits as a result of personal injury, unintentional bodily injury and/or property damages.
  • Additionally, this policy covers the “Neighbors and Tenants Liability”, providing protection for you against any third party damages.
  • This insurance includes medical payments to others and providing a maximum of $25,000 per injured person.
  • Covers the unauthorized use of credit cards and loss caused by forger. Also includes acceptance of counterfeit money.

Personal Excess Liability

  • Insurance coverage that extends to anywhere in the world, after all primary liability insurance limits have been used.
  • The coverage will pay for any legal defense costs (if applicable).
  • If the local statues prohibit the insured from being defended, this plan covers reimbursements for any legal defence costs incurred.
  • Up to $5,000,000 is made available online.

Benefits For Expatriates

  • Get in touch with us through our website, regular mail, fax or by dialing our toll-free telephone number to report your losses.
  • We provide a 24/7 professional and efficient worldwide claims handling services.