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Bring in the support and start a new life

As you move to a new neighbourhood, there is a lot for you to see and do. A new experience is always waiting at every corner and the best way to begin your journey is to go on the Internet to get some ideas on how you can make the best out of your new life.

Find out where are the places that pique your interests and go to those places to discover new friends. As much as you want to enjoy your independence, having new friends will help make your move all the more enjoyable. Get some feedback from the locals, on how to live like a local.

Visit places that encourage social interactions, like restaurants, coffee shops and sports venues. Seek out expat groups and seek their advice on how to make the transition easier.

If you are not sure of what needs to be done, we at Sino Relocation are here to render our assistance. Let us know how we can help you.

Couples supporting each other

Moving to another country with someone makes the moving process fairly easier. Together with your partner, you can discover more dining, shopping, cultural and entertainment places that suit your lifestyles. Contact us if you require information and resources about your new area.

As a couple, make it a point to provide support to each other. The adjustment period for each person differs from one person to another, so just because you are well-adjusted, it does not mean your partner is too. Keep a look-out for each other and help one another.

If you are looking for employment, the Internet offers ample information with regards to job openings available in your area. However, take note that your employment options may be dependent on your visa status.

For those intending to start a family, keep abreast of the childcare, medical care and school options for your children.

Relocating can be hectic, but it is well worth it

Firstly, make a decision as to when you would like to move. Once you have made the decision, arrange for a consultation with Sino Relocation at least 3 months in advance and we will provide a quotation and advice that is tailored to your needs. During this duration, you can make the decision to sell or give away anything you no longer need or decide not to bring along during the moving process.

At the same time, conduct research as to the different types of bank accounts available in the country you are moving to. Make sure your bank is aware that you will be moving abroad and check with your credit card companies whether there are any additional charges for using your cards abroad. Based on their response, evaluate whether it is best to incur foreign transaction fees or to open a new bank account abroad.

Apply the same concept with your insurance policies. Check with your tax adviser about your tax status and if you are required to make any payments as a result of your move.

If you are traveling with children, make sure you are equipped with the documents needed to facilitate your children’s schooling arrangements. The documentation may include current school and medical records.

Ensure all your important documentation are available and within reach. Check the validity of your passport, the number of empty pages and the date of expiry.

As for your house, make plans whether to list it for sale or rent it out. Engage the service of a reliable property management company and let them help you to find a suitable new owner or dependable tenants.

If you do not intend to bring your car along, make arrangements to get it sold, stored or be taken care by someone reliable.

Pet owners have to be aware of the special requirements, rules and regulations when it comes to transporting them to another country. We recommend speaking to your vet about the best way to move your pet, and we will do our best provide a safe, comfortable and and relaxing moving service for your pets.

Another area of concern is you have to know whether your electronic and mechanical devices will work abroad. If required, invest in suitable adapters and transformers. While you are at it, check on your mobile plans as well. If getting a new contract abroad proves to be cheaper, then perhaps you may have to consider to do so.

Never too early to begin your research

Before moving to a new place, it is always better to get some feedback from people as to how is the situation like at the new place. Is the place more convenient for businesses? Does it offer a balanced lifestyle? How is the political situation? Ensure all of your concerns are addressed and eventually, make the decision to choose a particular country to move to.

Once you have determined the country, find out all the information you need to have in order to relocate to that particular country. A helpful resource is to approach the country’s embassy or consulate and acquire the important information such as:

  • Permit and visa for foreigners
  • Medical exams and immunizations, if applicable
  • Possible restrictions and/or taxes on certain items
  • Specifications for bringing in pets

From this list, the most important aspect is the visa requirements and you will be required to provide a certain amount of documentation which may include your passport, medical records, birth certificate and proof of residency. Check throughout what are the required documentation and submit it with your visa application.

On another note, search online for advice from expats who have moved to the country of your choice. They can give a balanced view, the negatives and positives, based on their experience.

Cruising the borders

Our extensive network of experts are well-adept with the current immigration and customs rules and regulations.

Find out more about the current immigration news here.

Staying safe when you have left the country

Our team of experts at Sino Relocation are able to explain the immigration and customs rules and regulations in simple terms, enabling you and your family to have complete understanding of the processes involved.

We make it our mission to complete all tasks on your behalf, further simplifying your immigration and customs clearances. The tasks include processing your entry visas, assisting with the paperwork for your work and residence permits, and handling any immigration issues.

Keeping your status updated

At some point, you will encounter changes in terms of your employment status, marital status or other forms of family developments. Sino Relocation ensures your record is kept updated and we go to the extent of accompanying you to the local immigration services to make the updates.

Immigration requirements

As a foreigner, it is vital for you to be well-informed about the immigration requirements in relation to business and employment matters. At Sino Relocation, we have simplified the process for you by providing important immigration information for countries throughout the world.

Download immigration requirements

Business visitor FAQs

As a business traveller, you are required to remain compliant with the immigration rules and regulations of the particular country you are visiting Our easy-to-read FAQs are designed to provide all the required information you need to know about each country.