Steps Taken Prior to Moving Day

Quality Assurance

Our team will determine the items to be moved and ensure all items are packed carefully and accordingly.


Our packing team is highly experienced when it comes to choosing appropriate packing materials and applying suitable packing methods. They are committed to provide the best service and solution to you.

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Before loading your items into the shipment, we number each item and use color-coded labels to ensure your items get delivered to the right destination.


Our team are well-trained to handle your items with great care.

Our Packing Tips Prior to Packing Day

In order to make sure your valuables remain safe and secure throughout the moving process, we have compiled a short list of quick and easy tips to help you prepare like a pro before we arrive on moving day.

Preparation for Moving Day(s)

  • Make sure someone you trust is present when our packing team arrives and leaves your place. The person has to ensure all items to be moved are packed, loaded securely and transported accordingly.
  • Ensure sufficient parking is available for our commercial vehicle(s) and that we have clear access to your place during moving day(s). Let us know in advance if this is not feasible.
  • Best to let us know if your place requires special permits or advance bookings must be made for parking access and service lifts.
  • Whenever possible, ensure there is someone trustworthy looking after your young children during moving day(s).

Preparation for Items

  • Make sure your fridge and/or freezer is emptied and defrosted at least 48 hours prior to moving day(s). As for plumbed fridge, it must be disconnected and drained.
  • Ensure all water is drained and install a stabilizer bar/bolt to secure the bowl or drum of your washing machine.
  • Bed linen must be removed from the beds and folded. As for waterbeds, they must be drained and dismantled.
  • Fuel must be emptied from mechanical items, such as trimmers, chainsaws, blowers and motor movers.
  • All outdoor items must be thoroughly cleaned, without traces of grass, dirt and soil.
  • Loose items from the garage and/or garden sheds must be sorted. Items that are not to be moved ought to be disposed or set aside.
  • All items to be moved must be identified and kept separately from the items to be left behind. Ensure the packing team is aware about the items to be moved and the items to be left behind.
  • Ensure all self-assembly furniture are dismantled unless other arrangements are made with your Move Manager.
  • Stereo and home theater systems must be disconnected.
  • Ink cartridges from printers and batteries from electrical equipment and toys must be removed.
  • Some countries pose strict rules when it comes to bringing in alcohol and certain food and liquid items from other countries. Notify your Move Manager if you intend to move any of these items with you.
  • Ensure all data stored on electronic devices are backed up.

The Ideal Preparation

If you have not figured out where to move to and would like to embark on a preview trip, then our team of experts are here to render their assistance. With their presence in over 60 countries, their knowledge combined with their extensive experience in this field has enabled them to provide substantial support and insight about each country.

Each trip is customized according to your needs and interests, and our team is always on the go to address all of your concerns, from housing to education, employment, lifestyle and healthcare services.

We understand there is a lot to consider when it comes to relocating, especially if it means relocating to another country. Our team of experts can certainly help you make the entire process less stressful and we have compiled a comprehensive guideline of how we can make this work together.

Prior to the appointment:

  • Allocate at least an hour or one and a half hours for the consultation. This will ensure we get a thorough understanding of your needs and requirements and you have ample time to clarify your concerns with us.
  • Identify the items in your place that must be moved as well as the items that should be left behind.
  • Determine the items that you will move with you, such as clothing and personal items.
  • If you are relocating with children, it is recommended to move some toys or the things that they like with you.
  • Overseas relocation would sometimes mean your electrical items may not be compatible. If the items are not compatible, decide whether to bring the items over or leave it behind.
  • If your decision to move is based on your company’s decision, read and understand your employer’s Relocation Policy, if there is any.

Checking on items to move during the appointment:

  • Discuss with you about your needs and requirements, as well as address any of your concerns.
  • Walk-through your place and finalize the complete list of items to be moved.
  • Identify fragile and/or valuable items that require special treatment or additional protection.
  • Assess the number of items and whether you require special packing and transportation for the items.
  • Discuss the preferred moving date(s) and possibility of moving alcohol, certain food and liquid items.
  • Identify added-value services like storage, house cleaning, and moving car and/or pet(s).

After determining the items to move, we shall provide detailed explanation about:

  • Our company and how we can ensure your relocation needs are met.
  • Our expertise in packing as well as the available transit options.
  • Required documentation.
  • Customs clearance regulations if you are relocation overseas.
  • Risk management and policy options.
  • Our Move Planner and Service Proposal.