Terms and Conditions

First of all, we would like to thank you for the opportunity to provide a quote for your upcoming shipment.
Our agent located worldwide and our team in Shanghai assures you a safe and smooth transport from/to China. We will follow you from the departure until the arrival. Our clients appreciate having French/English speaking partners, even in China. Ningbo, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, or nationwide, SINO SHIPPING is the ideal partner for a successful transport.

A dedicated team at your service
Shipping goods involves a lot of stress, especially for an international shipment. The team at SINO SHIPPING answers all your questions, by mail and telephone. We used have calls with our customers to facilitate communication. Our multilingual team ensures a personalized follow-up throughout your international move. Our only goal is your satisfaction. Outside of our network, we partner with proven industry leaders in every destination in the world.
Our partners, selected through years of proven service excellence, must continuously attain this level of service to maintain our allegiance, as we must with them. The ongoing success of our network depends on this – a collaborative fulfillment of our customers’ needs. Delivering professional, seamless, high quality service, and remaining focused on continuous quality improvement.

These conditions explain your rights, obligations and responsibilities, and those of Sino Shipping.

A contract is a two-way agreement and it is important that everyone knows where they stand. Where we use the word “Company” it means Sino Shipping. Where we use the words “Customer or Consignor” it means you. In the
absence of a SPECIAL CONTRACT containing special conditions the following are the ONLY CONDITIONS on
which Sino Shipping contract, carry on business or operate.